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Our visitors said...

asdfghjklove - I looveee it, I found this one at one of someone's tumblr, and now, I loovvee ittt.. GOOD JOB! Contributing Global Warming, a-very-good-idea.

Justin Lewis - This is an awesome idea. I've just installed it on my blog.

Gian Faye - I am using it on my blog! I know how minimal this could help but atleast I help the environment while I can. Thanks!

frank - keep up the good work!

Sagar Ranpise - Awesome work to save energy! Thanks for the plugin!

katrin - Just installed this. Its amazing how such a small action can make a big difference. Thank you so much. Go green :)

liaptx - really..really good idea.. Now we can help the world from this lil thing way ^_^

Indra Darmawan - very good idea to reduce our energy consumption, with unthinking action before.. salute

cepplux - Brilliant idea. Collective action makes a big difference!

Paul Hemmerson - Ran some tests, and visiting a green website actually improved my laptops remaining battery time.

Franchine - Absolutely in love with this

free government grants - Thank you, I have recently been searching for information about this topic for ages and yours is the best I have discovered so far.

Sara Bell - A screen saver for the internet- what a fantastic idea! Free, easy to use and most importantly, it helps to save the environment - is there any reason not to use this clever little engine?

Amirush Shaffa Fauzia - good :)

chloe - my tumblr is going green! :)

Keenan Payne - Wow, saw the post on about the plugin, and I really really like the whole idea. I've added it to all of my sites and congrats on the idea and the project. :) Keep up the awesome work!

Wira - Go Green!!! i like it...!!! u..???

Andrea Pelingo - Why not connect with facebook and tumblr and talk to their administrators so that the whole site will automatically have the energy saving mode programmed? Why not even contact google or yahoo! for that matter... Just a thought. Hope you guys think about it! Thanks! :D

vrunda - Really great... as far as i heard about this i made my blog green.. it's feel great from inside when we do something for good cause.. thanx.

Nat - its such a great idea, i'm using it on my website <3

Rantique - THIS IS AMAZING!!!!

Melisa Hasanovic - You guys are amazing. <3

M - Ah this is so cool:D Just got it on my blog:)

Tristan - It's an AMAZING! idea. I would even want this to be on facebook.

Shamrrw - This energy saving modus script is just amazing, I already saw it on some other folks their blog, and wanted it too. So just read the link and start saving the planet too.

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