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Our visitors said...

jagadeesh - Its really great. congrats to the developer of this wonderful script and idea..

adhitya - go green

Wira - Go Green!!! i like it...!!! u..???

Long - I love this script! AWSOME ~

sQ - make facebook and twitter also a green website :D

Robson Cardoso - <3

Melisa Hasanovic - You guys are amazing. <3

Rantique - THIS IS AMAZING!!!!

jessica - my blog has just gone green!! x

free government grants - Thank you, I have recently been searching for information about this topic for ages and yours is the best I have discovered so far.

Masfu Maarif - greet idea! just a little action but great impact. someone should tell this to social network like Facebook and Tweeter. it can be a great movement for reducing the effect of global warming.

Larry Jackson - The standby engine really does the job well. Keep it up!

Blogger How To - After Google blackle this is a huge initiative from you guys to make this earth green, keep up the good work going. I will appeal all my readers to join this movement and let's together make this earth green :)

Indra Darmawan - very good idea to reduce our energy consumption, with unthinking action before.. salute

Nurul Ula Sayyidatunnisa - make world smile for the green future!

cepplux - Brilliant idea. Collective action makes a big difference!

Veronica - Someone should get the big websites like APPLE & YAHOO and GOOGLE to do this as well

amrico zilni - good website... we can reduce global warming from our life.

Gabrielle - This is a good idea. It is one way of encouraging people to save Mother Earth—also an entertainment portion of loving nature!

PrinceKulit - The standby engine really is of great help in preserving the environment. This implies that we can have so many means in helping Mother Earth. Go spread the news!

Eric - This is a good site you might want to consider adding to your green website database.

Josh - You guys HAVE to team up with Facebook, Twitter, and those famous social networks

Keenan Payne - Wow, saw the post on about the plugin, and I really really like the whole idea. I've added it to all of my sites and congrats on the idea and the project. :) Keep up the awesome work!

Email Form - last week our group held a similar talk on this subject and you illustrate something we have not covered yet, thanks. - Laura

katrin - Just installed this. Its amazing how such a small action can make a big difference. Thank you so much. Go green :)

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