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Our visitors said...

MNMSpecial - I saw this on some of my favorite sites and wanted to become a part of it. I didn't realize so much CO2 was involved while surfing the web and a lot of my pages sit inactive as I work. Thanks!

Melisa Hasanovic - You guys are amazing. <3

Shari Caudill - Just installed this plug-in and I love it. It's just a little more I can contribute towards saving the environment. My site is already hosted on energy-efficient servers which are powered by wind. Thank you! Oh and I will be advertising the plug-in on my site.

katrin - Just installed this. Its amazing how such a small action can make a big difference. Thank you so much. Go green :)

Enzo - I used this application on my tumlbr page cause I believe this energy saving apps. will be useful and it will help our environment. NICE ONE. TWO THUMBS UP :)

M - Ah this is so cool:D Just got it on my blog:)

Mitzi joy - this is amazing. :)

Keenan Payne - Wow, saw the post on about the plugin, and I really really like the whole idea. I've added it to all of my sites and congrats on the idea and the project. :) Keep up the awesome work!

billige autoversicherung - I am doing research for my college paper, thanks for your helpful points, now I am acting on a sudden impulse. - Kris

Gabrielle - This is a good idea. It is one way of encouraging people to save Mother Earth—also an entertainment portion of loving nature!

Dean Nazmuddin - Nice plugins... I wish this is one of the small step that I can contribute to make the world greener. Love Nature!

Gian Faye - I am using it on my blog! I know how minimal this could help but atleast I help the environment while I can. Thanks!

Masfu Maarif - greet idea! just a little action but great impact. someone should tell this to social network like Facebook and Tweeter. it can be a great movement for reducing the effect of global warming.

Amirush Shaffa Fauzia - good :)

Tristan - It's an AMAZING! idea. I would even want this to be on facebook.

Sara Bell - A screen saver for the internet- what a fantastic idea! Free, easy to use and most importantly, it helps to save the environment - is there any reason not to use this clever little engine?

liaptx - really..really good idea.. Now we can help the world from this lil thing way ^_^

Long - I love this script! AWSOME ~

marielle - this is awesome....I was so excited to see my tumblr go green. Wish this small step could save our planet.

Kyran Hill - My website is green! :)

arnica - I'm using it for my tumblr! Even these little things can help save our planet! Good job. :D

AC - It's an awesome thing you guys are doing! Keep up the good work!:)

PrinceKulit - The standby engine really is of great help in preserving the environment. This implies that we can have so many means in helping Mother Earth. Go spread the news!

vrunda - Really great... as far as i heard about this i made my blog green.. it's feel great from inside when we do something for good cause.. thanx.

Environment Team - We found your WordPress Plugin extremely useful. We thought that this would be a very cool experience for our readers. Moreover, As we are maintaining a green blog which focuses on explaining green technology bound products and this standby engine itself is a good example for a green product, we have decided to include a blog post about your plugin too. Thank You

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